T-Style Guitar with Purple Paisley Fabric Top

Guitar: T-Style Prototype #1

Finish: Purple Paisley Fabric Top on Mahogany Body with maple neck

Details: T-Style body with dual P90 Bootstrap pickups

This Guitar's Story

This is the guitar that started it all for King Electric Guitars. First, let me tell ya a little backstory.

I had a dream as a kid for my dad and me to make some guitars. he was a skilled woodworker & a guitar player so it only made sense, but that never happened. After High School, I went into the Military (USAF) then got out & started playing in countless bands, all the while tinkering and repairing my own personal guitars. When my Dad passed away some 20 odd years later, I quit making excuses and got to work. with very limited tools & resources, I bought a kit guitar & made it my own.Never being one to leave well enough alone, a lesson learned from my love of classic custom cars & hot rods I cut, molded, sanded, shaped & painted that kit guitar into what I wanted it to be. I enjoyed the process so much that I wanted more. I found an apprenticeship to feed my need. During this time, I learned guitar repair and a bit of guitar building here and there and saw lots of "guitar-shaped objects" brought in by aspiring guitar builders,

5 years later the Pandemic hit & due to family obligations, my apprenticeship was put on hold. I was newly married, just bought a house with a shop, and happened upon a large stash of hardwood at a steal, You see where this is going right?

I had sold my Tele a few years before this to buy tools, so it was a natural choice for my first build. I used some of the mahogany I'd recently purchased & a set of templates and started building my first complete " from scratch" guitar. The second I chose to build a T-style guitar, I knew that I wanted a paisley top & back and the purple was chosen as a tribute to a fallen band member. I found the fabric at a craft store & the " cement gray" paint on the sides was seen on a Toyota truck. ( I have a database in my head of cool & unusual car colors that I plan on using one day) I then designed the guitar from those elements. I took my time and figured out things as I went along. My years of guitar repairs served me well during this process. When finished, the guitar ended up being more than a "guitar-shaped object", It played well, sounded good, & looked cool! This guitar got the attention of future clients and was the foundation of King Electric Guitars.


  • Maple Neck and Fretboard
  • 25.5-inch Scale
  • 12-inch Fretboard Radius
  • Med Cryowire Frets
  • Dual Action Truss Rod
  • Bolt on Neck With Inserts & Stainless Machine Screws
  • Bone Nut
  • Hipshot Locking Open Gear Tuners
  • Mahogany Body
  • Purple Paisley Fabric Top & Back
  • Binding Top & Back
  • Cement Gray Painted Sides
  • Urethane Topcoat
  • Wilkinson Bridge With Compensated Saddles
  • Reversed Control Plate With Angled Switch
  • Bootstrap P90 Pickups
  • CTS 250k Pots
  • Switchcraft 3-way Switch
  • Switchcraft Jack
  • .047 Orange Drop Cap
  • Vintage Cloth Wire

Price and Availability

Being auctioned for charity. Details coming soon!

Want me to build you something like it? Let's talk!